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Festival Synthetic Turf Recycle

Did you know that you could use used turf to make a special Event areas?  Festival, weddings and more….  More and more people are sometimes working with a limited budget and want an area to cover their DIRT areas. Recycle turf is a great way to eliminate weeds or dirt to make a green environment.

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The History of Recycled Artificial Grass

The use of artificial grass has been popular for many years, primarily in sports fields and golf courses. However, as concerns about the environment and sustainability have grown, there has been a shift towards recycled artificial grass. The history of artificial grass dates back to the 1960s when artificial turf was first introduced in sports…

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Pet Friendly Fake Grass

Are you tired of man’s best friend ripping holes in the lawn or dragging their muddy paws back into the house? Artificial pet grass keeps your pets safe and is easy to maintain. Whether it’s a Labrador or a puppy dog, they’re not ripping through the turf with their claws. The grass drains fast after…

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